VR & 3D Sketches


I believe VR and AR will eventually become the next major computing platforms for humanity. On the side, I've been playing around with Unity and Blender to understand VR interactions and technology better. Here you can find a few VR and 3D model sketches I've made.

Intelligence Web Dashboard
Screenshot from VR prototype

VR Sketchese

Below are a few VR sketches meant to support the Oculus Rift and Gear VR

An interaction that supports gaze input. When the user's gaze gets close to the flower, a semi transparent sphere appears to indicate that the object is interactable. When the user's gaze moves on the flower itself, then the flower snaps to the cursor.


Screenshot from Starry VR a game prototype from GDC 2015 game jam. See my medium post for a recap of the event and thoughts!

3D Model Sketches

Chess pieces modelled with Blender!